We enable Financial Institutions (FIs) to expand their digital footprint.

We provide a simple, flexible, secure and scalable solution to meet the future needs of FIs (Microfinance, Insurance, etc.). The Digital Finance solution refines and adjusts existing processes and workflows as needed. It is designed to adapt to changing business needs and can easily integrate new products and business models.

Customers can access the Digital Finance solution through unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), a web interface, and a mobile app. This service is designed to serve customers in hard-to-reach areas who may not have access to the internet or smartphones.

Key features

High quality architecture to enable fast and efficient work-flow as per the business goals and objectives.

Highly secured platform enabling FIs to provide savings, loans and other value added services to their customers on their handsets.

Easy to read reporting for audit and reconciliation.

Capable to support integration of third party content, equipped with APIs and development tools for deploying multiple value added.

Key benefits

Enabling FIs to reduce costs of operations, add flexibility and improve data accuracy.

Ease of service distribution, customer acquisition and extended reach through secure & hassle-free channel.

Flexibility through customized work flow and processes.

Access to financial services through customer web portal, mobile app and USSD.